The First Animated Keyboard on Google Play

The only keyboard that perfectly combines a high-quality auto-correction algorithm with astonishing animated graphics.

  • Hundreds of unique live keyboard backgrounds
  • Fast and precise
  • Smart auto-correction - forget about typos
  • Custom design - use your own photos / videos
  • Entertaining content - GIFs, emojis, funny animated themes
Hundreds of unique live keyboard backgroundsFast and preciseSmart auto-correction - forget about typosCustom design - use your own photos / videosEntertaining content - GIFs, emojis, funny animated themes

Get Wave Keyboard now, for free!

Wave Keyboard brings you the next level in keyboard personalization.

Wave Keyboard comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. With just a couple of taps, you can change your theme or any other feature. Change the font type and color, add cool effects like shadows, glows, everything for awesome user experience. Download as many animated backgrounds you want, take a look at the recommended themes and make sure to check the daily top. Slide through the menus with ease but most importantly take advantage of the modern layout and Quick Option Tools that will help you tremendously while instant messaging/writing.

Optimized for Battery Life

Our app doesn't run unnecessarily in the background.

Multilingual Support

Free dictionaries for 20+ languages.

User Friendly

Easy to use but very hard to get over it.

Wave Keyboard Values Privacy

We do not monitor or store your typing activity.

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